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Eala Frya Fresena! Lever Dod As Slaav!

Image: Gotthelf Zimmermann. click to enlarge
LOSTFRIESLAND is a private, non-profit association aiming to build a bridge between East Frisia and the United States. Its activities focus on efforts to enable better mutual understanding.

The LOSTFRIESLAND Society is committed to helping people from all over the world, but mostly in the United States, to find family connections and better understand the lives of their Ostfriesen ancestors.

LOSTFRIESLAND also organized exchange trips for young Americans with full or partial Frisian ancestry that offer the possibility to experience and learn about Frisian history.

Due to private circumstances the society does not offer any fellowships currently.
Lostfriesland c/o Matthias Sdun, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str.67, 20355 Hamburg; Mail:mail@sdun.net